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As part of your patient care, you regularly complete a thorough examination, take x-rays and discuss a treatment plan with your patients. Have you done the same thing for your practice? Have you critically examined your dental marketing, carefully evaluated the results and created a successful marketing plan?

Dental marketing should be an important part of every dental practice. In fact, the promotion of your dental services is one of the single most important factors determining the number of new patients generated, prospect conversions and your financial success as a dentist.

If you’re interested in promoting cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, or a family practice, we have proven solutions that get results.

Dental Marketing

iMarketdentists Will Help You:

  • Attract quality patients looking for highly profitable dental services
  • Reduce your marketing expenses by focusing on what works
  • Get better results and generate more new patients
  • Differentiate you as the trusted top dentist in your area
  • Develop an affordable, credible marketing plan that allows you to focus on dentistry

Integrated Dental Marketing

Choosing the right message and media are challenging aspects of marketing and demand much more time than most dentists are willing to sacrifice. With so many advertising options to choose from, it pays to work with a seasoned team of dental marketing professionals who can minimize marketing expenses while maximizing response rates.

Was Your Last Dental Marketing Campaign a Success? 5 Factors to Help You Decide

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